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Decendents Of Major John Bolling

The Bolling name was and still is a major undertaking for me while doing the research. The Bolling's are decended down from Pocahontas, although that is still being disputed by many people. I have chosen not to list back that far, just because I want to make sure that the names and dates that I have are correct to the best of my ability. Seeing that many families listed here lived in remote Mountain areas, it is not always easy to find documented proof. When I do have documented proof, I will list it in my pages. Nothing here is written in stone unless I do have the documented proof, so please let me know if you have any information to add to what I have. The Bolling/Bowling research has been exhausting and confusing at times, but never dull and always exciting!!!! Now...on to the Decendents of Major John Bolling... I hope you find something that can be of use to you..... ~Lisa Hoskins~

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The first known Bolling was William DeBolling, out of England. From William DeBolling,was born a man named John Rolfe who married Maotoka (Pocahontas). They had one child, and his name was Thomas Rolfe. Thomas Rolfe married Jane Poythress. Thomas and Jane had a daughter named Jane Rolfe, who married Col. Robert Bolling. They had a son named Col. John Bolling who married Mary Kennon. Major John Bolling was their son, who was born in 1700 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Blair in 1758. Elizabeth was born abt. 1712, and she was the daughter of Dr. Blair and Sarah Archer. Elizabeth Blair was Major John Bolling's second wife. His first wife's name was Elizabeth Lewis. John married Elizabeth Lewis in 1726. It is reported that together John and Elizabeth Lewis had between 18-22 children. I will list the information here as I have it, but I will say again that alot of this can be considered to be speculative. Many have documented facts on this, and I have to go by the information that I have received regarding some of the names.

Acknowledgments: Much of the information contained here regarding the Pocahontas/Bolling History was obtained by two books that I have, titled "Bolling-Bowling Usa Roots Tree", written by John P. Sullivan, born in Kentucky and also a Bolling cousin.


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