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John Bolling Decendents
Decendents Of Stokely Bolling Sr.


Decendents Of Stokely Bolling Sr. | Decendents Of Stokely Bowling Jr. | New Page Title

Stokely BOLLING Sr. was born in 1810, son of John E.BOLLING and Susan SIZEMORE BOLLING. He is believed to have died sometime before or during 1836. He married Elizabeth Wilson on December 28, 1830, in Clay County Kentucky.

Although some do not agree that he is John E. BOLLING'S son. I have made this decision to the best of my ability, and according to legal documents that I have obtained through others researching this line. I will list them here to share, for any others who might be interested in seeing them.

Stokely BOLLING Sr. and Elizabeth WILSON had the following children:

*Stokely BOWLING Jr. born 1832 in Kentucky. He married Cynthia JONES on June 12, 1854 in Perry County, Kentucky.

*John BOWLING born 1833 in Kentucky. He marriedd Miranda ROBERTS on March 27, 1856.

*Lucy BOWLING born 1835 in Kentucky. She married John ROBERTS about 1865.

***Note: The spelling change from BOLLING to BOWLING. The name Bolling was spelled many different ways, from Bolling, to Boling, to Bolin, Bowling, etc.. I choose to spell it Bowling here, but they are all basically the same name, just spelled differently.

Stokely BOWLING Jr. married Cynthia JONES born in 1837, on June 12, 1854 in Perry County, Kentucky. Stokely and Cynthia had the following children:

*John H. BOWLING born November 19, 1855 in Perry Co. Kentucky. Married Fannie GRIFFITH, born 1862, daughter of Eli GRIFFITH b.1839 and Frankie HOSKINS b.1843.

*Nancy BOWLING born June 11, 1857 in Perry Co. Kentucky. Married Stephen Reed. They had five children.

*Delaney BOWLING born July 8, 1859 in Perry Co. Kentucky. Married Elizabeth CORNETT on May 3, 1884. Elizabeth was born in 1870.

*Polly BOWLING born March 1, 1865 in Perry Co. Kentucky. Died in 1909 in Red Bird, Leslie Co. Kentucky. She married Isaac HOSKINS in 1886.

*James BOWLING born November 13, 1868 in Perry Co. Kentucky, died May 15, 1937 in Leslie Co. Kentucky. James married Nancy C. HOSKINS.

*William BOWLING born September 1, 1869 in Perry Co. Kentucky and died July 1, 1938. He married Emily ASHER ROARK.

*Dillon BOWLING born 1870, in Perry Co. Kentucky.

*Frankie BOWLING born September3, 1871 in Perry Co. Kentucky. She married Alexander SIZEMORE on March 8, 1896. Alexander was the son of William SIZEMORE and Elizabeth MUNCY.

*Isabella BOWLING born September 23, 1874 in Perry Co. Kentucky. She married Joe HUBBARD.

*Drucilla BOWLING born 1875 in Perry Co. Kentucky.

*Henry BOWLING born December 28, 1877 in Perry Co. Kentucky. He married Isabelle BARGER. 2)Lucy SIZEMORE

Documents Regarding Stokely BOLLING Sr.

The Perry County Court at a meeting on January 11, 1836, appointed Jesse Combs as administrator of Stokely Bowling's estate and bond given in $500.00.

The Perry County Court held in Hazard on Monday the 14th day of March 1936 ordered that Wilburn Sizemore, John Boling, and William Mattingly be appointed to appraise the estate of Stokely Boling, deceased.

*Taken from Mary T. Brewer's book, Rugged Trail to Appalachia: In Perry County, deed book B page 427:

Between Jesse Combs and Polly Combs(Polly Bowling), Dillon Asher, administrator for wife Hettie(Henrietta Boling), William Muncy and his wife Agnes(Boling, William Mattingly and his wife Alice(Boling) and Wilkerson Sizemore and his wife Mahala(Boling), all of Clay County, the first parties, and Swenfield Roberts of Perry County, the second party, $75 to each in hand paid.
All our right, title and interest in the lands of which John Boling died seized, situated in the counties of Clay and Perry, on the Middle Dork of the Kentucky River, at the mouth of Short Creek, containing 3000 acres or less, in the following tracts, to wit: 50 acres Horse Shoe Bend in the name of John Gilbert Sr: 50 acres on upper end of said tract, patented in the name of John Boling, 100 acres lying in Clay County and adjoining the above tracts surveyed in the name of John Boling: 50 acres on the Salt Peter Branch, patented in the name of John Boling, in Perry County and 50 acres lying in Perry County in the back of the first two mentioned tracts: also the right title and interest that we have in the right of our wife, and to the land of which Stokely Boling died seized. Witnessed by William Boling, 15,January 1848.

Also in Perry County:.. William Muncy to John and Lucy Boling, infant heirs of Stokely Boling, deeded tract in Perry County, at corner of 100 acre survey made for Matt Pace. Witnessed by William Mattingly, ALice Boling Mattingly, and John Muncy 14, September 1850.

I have looked through these court records, and have noticed that ALL of the women listed are daughters of John E. Bolling and Susan Sizemore. I can't figure out why they would have dealings with either Stokely's land records or property, unless they were immediate family, probably brother and sisters. This is how I came to my conclusion of who Stokely Bolling Sr.'s parents were. Some dates do not match exactly to the dates that I have, but until I find exact proof, I don't claim to have ALL the exact information that is needed, I just can't seem to find any yet. Hopefully someday, I can bust this mystery wide open!!! haha... But until then, the search continues!!!

Legal Records On Stokely Bowling Jr.

Stokey Boling was married to Cynthia Jones on June 12, 1854 in Perry County, Kentucky.

Stokely Bowling b. 1832 was a Civil War soldier, served with Company H. 49th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, enlisting on September 19, 1863 Camp Nelson, Kentucky. He was mustered out of service on December 26, 1864 in Lexington Kentucky. He received a disablity for an injured left eye, and is listed as living in Pigeon Roost, Laurel Kentucky on the 1890 Veteran Census.

There is also a marriage record in 1893 to a woman named America b. 1850. I believe that this MIGHT be the grandson of Stokely Bowling Jr. His son John Bowling had a son named Stokey born in 1878. If the dates are correct, he would have been 15 years old in 1893. Possibility that he could be the one who married America..??? I don't have that information as yet...