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Oliver And Remillard Genealogy


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Descendants Of Guillaume Remillard

Guillaume REMILLARD married Marie TESTARD. Residing at Chateau-Joinsard Ancestral Province of Limousin, France. Guillaume and Marie had at least one child.

Children of Guillaume REMILLARD and Marie TESTARD

     i. Francois REMILLARD was baptized on November 24, 1647 in Chateauponsac, Eveche de Limoges, Limousin, France. His godfather was Francois CERZAC and his godmother was ____de la GARCE. Francois married Anne GABOURY on May 7, 1681 in L'Islet, PQ. Anne was baptized on July 27, 1668 Ste. Famille Iled Orleans, QC and the daughter of Louis GABURY and Nicole SOUILLARD. Francois and Anne had five children. Francois died on April 4, 1700 in St. Michel, QC.

Children of Francois REMILLARD and Anne Gaboury

Francois REMILLARD was b. in 1682.

     ii. Marie Francoise REMILLARD was b. in 1692.Marie was married three times. #1: Guillaume CORRIVEAU on November 10, 1709. #2: Ignace QUERIGNON on May 3, 1719 in St. Valier, QC. #3: Hilaire MARTIN on November 11, 1727. Marie died on September 28, 1767 in St. Valier, QC.

iii.Francois REMILLARD was born on May 8, 1694 in St. Michel, Bellechasse, PQ and was baptized on May 12, 1694. Francois married Francoise BRETON HELIE on February 6, 1720 in St. Valier, Bellechasse, PQ, the daughter of Pierre BRETON and Marie PEPIN. Francois and Francoise had at least one child.

iv. Antoine REMILLARD was b. 0n March 30, 1698 and was baptized on April 1, 1698 in Duran. Antoine married Marie Marguerite LEMARTE on June 6, 1728. Antoine died on October 31, 1757 in St. Valier, QC.

v. Etienne REMILLARD was born on April 3, 1700 in La Durantaye, PQ. He married Marie Anne Bolduc on July 29, 1726 in Notre Dame de Quebec, PQ, the daughter of Rene BOLDUC and Anne GRAVEL. Etienne and Marie had at least two children.

Children of Etienne REMILLARD and Marie BOLDUC

i. Marie Agathe REMILLARD

ii. Marie Josette REMILLARD was born on April 3, 1731. She married Jean Baptiste BLAIS on May 24, 1762. Marie and Jean had one child.

Children of Marie Josette REMILLARD and Jean Baptiste BLAIS

i. Marie Archange BLAIS married Pierre BOUCHARD on October 23, 1788. Marie and Pierre had one child Archange BOUCHARD who married Pierre ROY on July 31, 1809, the son of Francois ROY and Marguerite BRONEAU. Archange and Pierre had one child, Pierre ROY.

Children of Francois REMILLARD and Francise BRETON HELIE

i. Ambroise Martin REMILLARD was b. on September 12, 1734. He married Madeleine HEVE on May 1, 1764 in St. Vallier, Bellechasse. Ambroise and Madeleine had four children.

Children of Ambroise REMILLARD and Madeleine HEVE

i. Andre REMILLARD married Josephte Genevieve LACASSE on October, 13, 1812 in St. Charles de Bellechasse, PQ, the daughter of Charles LACASSE and Marie ASSELIN. Andre and Josephte had seven children.

ii. Francoise REMILLARD married Joseph THEBORGE on August 31, 1812 in ST. Michel de Belechasse, PQ.

iii. Louisa Maria REMILLARD married Michel BOLDUC on January 9, 1797 in St. Michel de Bellechasse, PQ.

iv. Marie Reine REMILLARD married Pierre BOLDUC on October 29, 1787 in St. Francois de Riverre Sud, PQ.

Children of Andre REMILLARD and Josephte LACASSE

i.Andre REMILLARD was b. February 28, 1814 in St. Charles de Bellechasse, PQ. He married Genevieve GAGNE dit POTVIN on November 19, 1839 in St. Aime Richelieu, PQ, the daughter of Jean Baptiste POTVIN and Marie Anne PARENTEAU. Andre and Geneveive had six children.

ii. Antoine REMILLARD married Marie COTNOIR on February 3, 1840 in St Michel de Yamaska,PQ.

iii.Caroline REMILLARD was b. abt. 1825 and married Michel CANTARA on November 16, 1847 in St Aime de Richelieu, PQ.

iv. Emile REMILLARD married Antoine PETIT in October of 1846 in St. Ame de Richelieu, PQ.

.v. Marguerite REMILLARD was b. June 30, 1816 and married Basile THEROUX on February 2, 1841 in St. Aime de Richelieu, PQ.

vi. Laura REMILLARD married Francois LEBLANC on January 31, 1843 in St. Aime de Richelieu, PQ.

vii. Constance REMILLARD married Alexis VALOIS on July 19, 1853 in St. Aime de Richelieu, PQ.

Children of Andre REMILLARD and Genevieve GAGNE dit POTVIN

i. Henry REMILLARD was born on December 17,1844.

ii. Frederick W. REMILLARD was born on February 19, 1845.

iii. Michael REMILLARD was born July 24, 1849.

iv. Joseph REMILLARD was born February 7, 1853.

v. Felix REMILLARD was born on October 7, 1856 in Biddeford, Maine. Felix married Julie LAMOTHE on July 20, 1879 in Biddeford, Maine.

Felix and Julie had at least five children. Felix died on January 30, 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and he is buried at Fairview Cemetery.

vi. Louis REMILLARD was born on October 19, 1859. Louis married Rebecca LACASSE on June 2, 1881 at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford, Maine. Louis and Rebecca had five children.

Children Of Louis REMILLARD and Rebecca LACASSE

i. Arthur J. REMILLARD was born on March 5, 1890 in Biddeford, Maine. He married Amazale Michal NICHOL on November 29, 1917 at St. Andre's Church in Biddeford, ME. Arthur held the Purple Heart decoration for wounds received in the Argonne campaign during World War I when he was a member of the infantry. He was active in Democratic political circles, he served as mayor of Biddeford from 1935-1936. In 1936 he was appointed acting post-master, a post he continued to hold until his retirement in 1955. Arthur and Amazalie had seven children. Arthur died on April 5, 1962 in Biddeford.

ii. Jean Henry REMILLARD was born on January 3, 1889.

iii. Joseph REMILLARD was born on August 1, 1885.

iv. Marie REMILLARD was born on August 1, 1885.

v. Phillipe REMILLARD was born on March 18, 1887.

Childen of Felix REMILLARD and Julie LAMOTHE


ii. Ovide REMILLARD was born on May 9, 1890 in Biddeford, ME. He married Melonie BOUTIN on January 17, 1914 at St. Andre's Church in Biddefored, ME. Ovide and Melonie had one child, Ovide REMILLARD Jr. Ovide REMILLARD married again on May 27, 1950 to Medora PIETTE who was the daughter of Hercules PIETTE and Celine CASAUBON. Ovide died on March 31, 1971 and is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Biddeford, Maine.

iii.Armand REMILLARD was born on January 2, 1895 in Biddeford, ME. When Armand was about five years old his father, Felix, took him away from his mother and siblings and moved to Quebec. Armand served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WWII. Armand changed is name to Joseph Romeo before marrying Anna OLIVER on October 6, 1920 in Toronto, Canada.