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John Bolling Decendents

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Just a note from me... Because the Bolling Family Tree is so large, I have decided to list only those in the direct line, and not ALL of the names. I do have more names on file, but they are just so massive that I cannot post them all on these pages. If you have any questions regarding your own ancestors, please feel free to email me with any that you might have.


Generation No.1

Major John Bolling Jr. was the son of Col. John Bolling born 1676-died 1729 in Virginia, and Mary Kennon Bolling born 1676-died 1744 in Virginia.

John Bolling Jr. was born in 1700 in Virginia, and died in 1768 in Virgina. He married 1.) Elizabeth LEWIS. He married 2.) Elizabeth BLAIR.

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

*James BOLLING born 1756 in Chesterfield Co. Virginia. He married Polly BLEVINS b.1760, d. 1833 in Kentucky.
*Reverand Jessie BOLLING born May 22,1758 in Hillsboro, Virginia, died March 10, 1841 in Quicksand, Kentucky. Reverand Jessie BOLLING married:
1)Hettie Polly GREEN

Generation No.2

Reverand Jessie BOLLING was born May 22, 1758 in Hillsboro, Virginia, and he died March 10, 1841 in Quicksand, Kentucky. He married Hettie Polly GREEN in 1776. Hettie Polly GREEN was born in North Carolina. She died around 1778.

Jessie and Hettie BOLLING had the following children:

*John E.BOLLING born 1777 in North Carolina, died 1860 in Kentucky. John E. BOLLING married Susan Sizemore, daughter of George "ALL" SIZEMORE and Agnes(Aggy) SHEPERD CORNETT. Susan was born in 1784 in Virginia, and died in 1847 in Kentucky.

Generation No.3

John E. BOLLING and Susan SIZEMORE BOLLING had the following children:

*Mary Polly BOLLING born December 7, 1801 in Kentucky, died 1875 in Kentucky. Married Jesse COMBS.

*Henrietta BOLLING born 1805 in Kentucky, died 1855 in Kentucky. Married Dillon ASHER in 1816, in Clay County, Kentucky.

*Blevins BOLLING- died young.

*Alice BOLLING born in 1810 in Kentucky, died after 1880 in Perry County, Kentucky. Married William MATTINGLY Jr. September 8, 1828.

*Stokely BOLLING Sr. born in 1810, and died around or before 1836. Married Elizabeth WILSON December 28, 1830 in Clay County, Kentucky.

*Agnes BOLLING born in 1812 in Kentucky. Married William MUNCY in 1827.

*Mahala BOLLING born 1821 in Clay County, Kentucky. Married Wilkerson SIZEMORE August 13, 1838.