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Oliver And Remillard Genealogy


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Descendants Of David Bates

Generation No. 1
David Bates was born December 06, 1832 in Tonbridge, Kent, England, and died April 01, 1877 in Tonbridge, Kent, England.  He married Anne Eason  September 26, 1853 in St. Peter's, Tonbridge, Kent, England,  daughter of Matthew Eason and Mary.  She was born 1833 in Bourrie Place, Kent, England, and died December 20, 1911 in Toronto, York, Canada.
Children of DAVID BATES and ANNE EASON are:

 i. Harriet Bates, born 1856, Canada.
 ii. Elizabeth J. Bates,  born  1859, Canada.
 iii. Ann M. Bates,  born  1860, Hildenborough, Kent, England.
 iv. Edward David Bates,  born May 09, 1863, London, Surrey, England; died February 24, 1922, Lynch, Harlan, Kentucky.
 v. Alice L. Bates, born  1865, St. Peter, Surrey, England.
vi. Agnes Bates, born  1867, St. Peter, Surrey, England.

Generation No. 2
Edward David Bates (David ) was born May 09, 1863 in London, Surrey, England, and died February 24, 1922 in Lynch, Harlan, Kentucky.  He married Mary Elizabeth Chavis October 30, 1892 in Briceville, Anderson, Tennessese.  She was born September 02, 1874 in Andersonville, Anderson, Tennessee and died May 25, 1942 in Knox Co, Kentucky.
Children of Edward Bates and Mary Chavis are:

David Franklin Bates , born  May 11, 1894, Lilly, Laurel, Kentucky; died  May 09, 1968, Murpheyboro, Davidson, Tennessee.
 ii. Alice Louisa Bates , born  June 11, 1895, New River, Anderson, Tennessee; died  North Carolina; married William Lane Killen , January 14, 1918, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.
iii. William George Bates , born  January 19, 1898, Briceville, Anderson, Tennessese; died  October 01, 1963, Greenville, Hamblin, Tennessee.
 iv. Grant Atkin Bates , born  March 22, 1899, Briceville, Anderson, Tennessese; died  March 1965, Akron, Summit, Ohio; married  Ida Brewer , Akron, Summit, Ohio.
 v. Ellen Gould Bates , born  December 14, 1901, Dail, Anderson, Tennessee; d. June 1963, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.
vi. Ruth Bates , born  June 21, 1904, Kilbuck, Holmes, Ohio; died  February 1987, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.
 vii. Condon Bates , born  March 05, 1907, Shreve, Wayne, Ohio; died  1907.
viii. Emerald Ruby Bates , born  November 08, 1912, Graysville, Rhea, Tennessee.

 Agnes Bates(David ) was born 1867 in St. Peter, Surrey, England.  She married James Wesley OLIVER June 29, 1889 in Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario.  He was born June 24, 1871 in Belleville, Ontario.
Children of AGNES BATES and JAMES OLIVER are:

 i. Alice Oliver , born February 1893; died  October 04, 1894.
 ii. Hazel Oliver born aprx. mid- 1850's;married Albert William Brooks
iii. William David Oliver , born  July 15, 1899, Hamilton, Ontario;married Jennie Elizabeth Hotrum.
 iv. Anna Agatha Madeline Oliver, born June 26, 1902, Elizabeth, Ontario; died  September 10, 1957, Ann Arbor, Michigan; married
Armand Remillard , October 06, 1920, Toronto, York, Ontario; born  January 02, 1895, Biddeford, Maine; died  April 06, 1969, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
 v. Selina Tressa Oliver , born  January 28, 1908, Toronto, Ontario; died  July 1993; married  Elmer Duane Forn , January 28, 1928, Ann Arbor, Michigan; born Abt. 1899; died  January 05, 1973.

Generation No. 3
David Franklin Bates (Edward David, David) was born May 11, 1894 in Lilly, Laurel, Kentucky, and died May 09, 1968 in Murpheyboro, Davidson, Tennessee.  He married Marie Fitzgerald June 06, 1917 in Lenore City, Laudon, Tennessee. 
Children of David Bates and Marie Fitzgerald are:
 i. James Bates 
 ii. Geraldine Bates

William George Bates (Edward David, David) was born January 19, 1898 in Briceville, Anderson, Tennessese, and died October 01, 1963 in Greenville, Hamblin, Tennessee.  He had children with  Mercedes Lucille Weibel.  She was born December 29, 1898 in Summit Co, Ohio, and died August 13, 1988 in Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida.  He married Dorothy Lucille Weibel .  She was born May 28, 1899 in Akron, Summit, Ohio, and died October 12, 1988 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.
Child of William Bates and Mercedes Weibel is:
 i. Mary Katherine Weibel , born  April 04, 1919, Akron, Summit, Ohio.

Children of William Bates and Dorothy Weibel are:

 ii. Junior Edward Ohio Columbus Bates
 iii. Evelyn Bates
 iv. Harold Leroy Bates
 v. Donald Herbert Bates , born  November 22, 1917; married  (1) Dorothy ; died July 14, 1983, Knox Co, Kentucky; married (2) Living
 vi. Willis Daniel Bates , born  July 1919; married (1) Lucille ; married  (2) Margaret

Ruth Bates (Edward David, David ) was born June 21, 1904 in Kilbuck, Holmes, Ohio, and died February 1987 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.  She married (1) Henry George Gilbert March 29, 1929 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee.    She married (2) Living  December 24, 1934 in Harriman, Rome, Tennessee. 
Children of Ruth Bates and (Living)  are:
 i. Living Allison .
 ii. Living Allison , married  Living Hartman

 Emerald Ruby Bates (Edward David, David )was born November 08, 1912 in Graysville, Rhea, Tennessee.  She married Lewis Hartyman Gadd  November 08, 1933. 
Child of Emerald Ruby Bates and Lewis Gadd is:
 i. Living Gadd

  William David Oliver (Agnes Bates, David ) was born July 15, 1899 in Hamilton, Ontario.  He married Jennie Elizabeth Hotrum December 10, 1918 in Rectory Of St.Thomas Church, Hamilton, Ontario. 
Children of William David Oliver and Jennie Hotrum are:

 i. Hellen Rose Agnes Oliver , born January 22, 1920.
 ii. Alma Oliver

Generation No. 4
  Mary Katherine Weibel (William George, Edward David, David ) was born April 04, 1919 in Akron, Summit, Ohio.  She married Lonnie Ezra Canaday June 03, 1942 in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  He was born November 10, 1905 in Emanuel Co, Georgia, and died October 01, 1997 in Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida.
Children of Mary Weibel and Lonnie Canaday are:

 i. Living Canaday , married  (1) Living Johnson ; married (2) Justin Wager ; born October 10, 1926, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida; married  (3) Living Murray .
 ii. Living Canada , married (1) Living Day ; married  (2) Living McEwing(?) ; married  (3) Living
 iii. Living Canaday , married  Living Woodall .
 iv. Living Canaday , married  Living Steele .

Junior Edward Ohio Columbus Bates (William George, Edward David, David ).  He married Mary Lanterman. 
Children of Junior Bates and Mary Lanterman are:
 i. Living Bates , married  Living 
 ii. Living Bates .
 iii. Living Bates.
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